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Our laundry and dry cleaning services are the best in the metro area, and that’s why Port City Dry Cleaners is the leader in the industry. We believe our award-winning dry cleaning service differs from the rest because we follow three distinct principles. We subscribe to old-world craftsmanship as our first principle of dry-cleaning. Our dry cleaners and dry cleaning technicians have decades of experience and have the best training in the industry. Our organization is certified as a dry cleaner, wet cleaner, and environmental cleaner. Using this expertise, our dry cleaners take your garments and hand-press them to a beautiful sheen and perform our patented 10-point process to ensure your dry cleaning meets the highest standards. We even hang your clothing on wood hangers so that the uncompromising quality is maintained.

In addition to being committed to preserving the art of dry cleaning, we are equally committed to our second principle: innovation. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Port City Dry Cleaners Dry Cleaning Service is dedicated to providing your clothes with the highest level of care. At every step of the cleaning process, we barcode every garment and scan it to ensure your clothes never get lost. Dry Cleaners provide the highest quality dry cleaning available by using only the most modern, toxin-free solvents. And we assemble and bag dry cleaning garments in our automated system so we can return your finished dry cleaning to you without having to touch it once it has been cleaned and pressed.

One of our most important dry cleaning principles is sustainability. You probably don’t want toxins remaining on your clothes that harm the environment, which is why most dry cleaning processes are done with oxy-halogen peroxide. Port City Dry Cleaners does not accept that kind of clothing. Using a dry cleaning method, Port City Dry Cleaners cleans garments just as effectively as older and more toxic methods without putting any nasty poisons into the environment. Port City Dry Cleaners uses classic workmanship and natural solvents in their cleaning process so the process is gentle on the environment and your clothes are spotless.

Additionally, Port City Dry Cleaners packages dry-cleaning in reusable and recyclable packaging so the product never ends up in a landfill. Our process and services remove spots so you know your clothing was not left to go through the painful effects of fading, shrinking, pilling, or staining that is so common when a method of cleaning is not used. Our dry cleaners are unmatched in the region for dry cleaning. Call out team today at 318-572-5434!

We have 3 locations to serve you.

  1. 6723 Pines Rd., Suite 110. Shreveport, LA. 71129 (behind Thrifty Liquor)
  2. 4970 Barksdale Blvd., Suite 1150. Bossier City, LA. 71112 (River Crest)
  3. BAFB (In the Base Exchange)

A great dry cleaner in Bossier City and Shreveport is Port City Dry Cleaners.

Check out what our customers have said! Here are a few of the things they like about our work:

“It is a delight to stop in at Port City Dry Cleaners for a regular Tuesday pick up and drop off. There is always a smile and helpful staff at Port City Dry Cleaners.” – Merle Henson

“When you want to get same-day dry cleaning with exceptional customer service, I recommend Port City Dry Cleaners. I will be going to them for all of my dry cleaning requirements from now on!” – Carla Foster

“Port City Dry Cleaners is one of the best dry cleaners around. Their work is quick, friendly, and professional. It couldn’t be better.” – Theo Jefferson