Bridal Cleaning And Preservation Services In Shreveport, Louisiana

Port City Dry Cleaners ensures you look your best to the fullest extent possible. Our advanced spot treating and stain removal process starts with the seven-point inspection. Free replacement of cracked buttons and tightening of loose threads are also available to you. Cleaning technology and detergent utilized by our dry cleaners are the most advanced available. A result? Garments that look more appealing, and can last for a longer period of time.

Let’s make sure that your wedding dress will last a lifetime. We offer more than regular cleaning – our process for cleaning and preserving will preserve that beautiful look and protect it from oxidation, mold, and mildew. Once your dress has been cleaned, it will be carefully sealed to prevent the passage of moisture, and be stored in a temporary chest for added safety.

How We Can Help!

A top dry cleaning contractor in Shreveport, Louisiana, we are the best in the business. Dry cleaning in Port City includes a variety of services, including:

  • Wedding Dress Cleaning
  • Cleaning And Restoration
  • Wedding Dress Preservation
  • And More Bridal Cleaning And Preservation Services!

Residents and visitors of Port City can take advantage of many different dry cleaning services that we offer in the area. Port City Dry Cleaners is ready to help you with dry cleaning. Call today and find out what we can do for you.

Wedding Dress Cleaning

We were pleased to preserve wedding gowns in Port City and the Shreveport areas with the help of Port City Dry Cleaners. The best way to clean your gown is determined after an in-depth examination by one of our specialists. The gown will be checked repeatedly throughout the process. Wedding gowns cannot be protected against oxidation or “yellowing” by typical cleaning procedures, only Port City Dry Cleaners can make a gown look like new, no matter how long it is stored. An acid-free inner box, controlled by humidity, will be lovingly sealed around your dress.

Cleaning And Restoration

Port City Dry Cleaners takes great pride in being a part of the biggest moments in our customers’ lives. Hence, our experts who preserve wedding gowns take their job so seriously. Whether your daughter’s heirloom gown needs to be repaired (or you want it fixed yourself!) or you want to preserve the dress you’ve already worn, our experts can help–and will ensure the job is done to the highest standards.

Wedding Dress Preservation

The preservation of a white wedding dress is about more than just dry-cleaning and putting it in a pretty box. We will evaluate the dress to determine whether there are any stains, spots, or imperfections, including ink stains and hidden sugar stains that brown with age. In addition to removing any stains, our expert cleaning method will strengthen any weakened seams, reattach loose adornments such as sequins or pearls, and give your gown a new look.

A good wardrobe and a clean appearance never go out of style! It doesn’t matter if you need to remove pet hair from your drapes or remove a coffee stain from your favorite shirt, we can help! We’re not satisfied until you are. Regardless of the cost, we will guarantee your experience at our dry cleaners is a pleasant one. Let Port City Dry Cleaners handle the dirty work for you. Call Port City Dry Cleaners today to learn why they can take care of your dry cleaning, as well as dry cleaning service, needs. Call us today at 318-572-5434 to learn about our services.