Valet Dry Cleaning Services In Shreveport, Louisiana

In Port City Dry Cleaners, we are very proud of being the expert dry cleaners and laundry service provider in the area. We believe our award-winning dry cleaning service differs from the rest because we follow three distinct principles. We apply this experience to make sure your dry cleaning meets the highest standard by removing spots with care and precision, hand-pressing your garments to the perfect finish, and performing our custom 10-point inspection process.

Port City Cleaners is a leading provider of dry cleaning and laundry services that are environmentally safe to the environment. Our dry cleaners will pick up your dry cleaning and laundry within 24 hours and return it to you within 48 hours. We are no longer required to drive endlessly to the dry cleaners, suffer through heavy traffic, and wait in line. Just schedule a pick-up time and your dry cleaning and laundry will be picked up in no time by a delivery expert. Unlike many other delivery companies, we have professionals on the road constantly, so a rush delivery is no problem at all.

How We Can Help!

Our dry cleaning company is one of the best in Shreveport, Louisiana. There are several dry cleaning services we provide in Port City, which include:

  • Home Delivery
  • Pick Up
  • And More Valet Dry Cleaning Services!

The Port City residents and visitors can choose from a wide range of dry cleaning services. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out what dry cleaning services City Dry Cleaners can provide for you.

Home Delivery

The Port City Dry Cleaners dry cleaning or laundry delivery service makes it possible to choose from a regular pickup and delivery schedule or from our on-demand pickup and delivery service. The services we offer save you time and provide top-quality dry cleaning that is 100% toxin-free and environmentally responsible. We offer several benefits to our customers through Port City Dry Cleaners’ pickup and delivery service, including:

We pick up and deliver at your home, so you don’t have to make the effort of driving for dry cleaning!
All dry cleaning and laundry services, including pickup and delivery, come with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.
The peace of mind comes from knowing that Port City Dry Cleaners uses toxin-free and eco-friendly cleaning solvents.

Pick Up

Our free pickup and delivery from Port City Dry Cleaners make dry cleaning and laundry service hassle-free. We offer a convenient delivery service which helps you save time and avoid unnecessary trips to the dry cleaners. Regardless of how much dry cleaning or laundry you have, our professionals will pick it up from your home and then deliver it straight back to it when it is convenient for you. With our easy-to-use online scheduling tools and options, there’s no better time to try Port City Dry Cleaners dry cleaning delivery! Simply place an order for dry cleaning online here. That’s how simple it is!

A polished appearance and clean clothes never go out of style! It doesn’t matter if you need to remove pet hair from your drapes or remove a coffee stain from your favorite shirt, we can help! Our satisfaction is based on your satisfaction. Our dry cleaners will go out of their way to ensure your experience is a positive one. Let the professionals do the dirty work! Don’t wait any longer to learn what dry cleaning services, as well as restaurant linen supplier services, that Port City Dry Cleaners can provide you. Call us today at 318-572-5434 to learn about our services.